Bill Schrier, C.Ht, M.Ed, Board Certifed Hypnotist & Integrated Life Coach

Why Hudson Hypnosis Center?

I have been a certified hypnotist since 2004 with specializations in quitting smoking, weight loss, and pain management. When you come to HHC, you’ll receive the best in care.

Is hypnosis right for you? At Hudson Hypnosis Center, I create a custom hypnosis program that is tailor-made specifically for you. The way you would learn to correct a problem is completely different than somebody else who has the same problem. This is why hypnosis CD’s, downloadable hypnosis .mp3’s, and group hypnosis aren’t as effective…because they are made for the masses instead of specifically for you.

Sign up now for your free 15 minute phone consultation and I’ll explain how I can help you become more successful and overcome whatever challenges are troubling you right now.